The Danish Sale of Goods Act gives you two years warranty. However, this right may terminate before the expiration date if the product is not intended to last for two years or it is worn out by natural use before the expiry of the deadline.
If a product has a defect, the The Danish Sale of Goods Act allows you to choose between several solutions.
Your options are:
  • You can get the item repaired
  • You can have the item exchanged for a new item
  • You can get a discount
  • You can get the money back (return the purchase)
However, if you choose to get the money back or to get a discount, the gallery may reject your claim if we instead offer you the choice of getting the defect fixed, for example, by repairing or getting the goods exchanged.
Once you have made your choice, for example, you wish to exchange the item, the gallery can again reject your claim if it will be disproportionately expensive to change it in order to fix the defect, for example, by repairing. The gallery has the right to refuse to exchange the item for a new one (for instance, if it is out of production and cannot be obtained or if it is close to being worn out).
The gallery can only decline your choice if the option we offer instead, such as repair, can be carried out within a reasonable time and without the big disadvantage for you.
Basically, "reasonable time" is up to a few weeks, but in some cases, we might need more time.
A replacement for a new item will typically be done very quickly unless the product is to be re-manufactured and returned home, which will be common at the gallery as all of our items are unique. A repair will usually take a little longer.
Remember to follow our advice, including for ceramics and glass used outdoors.
Also, remember that the painted surface of ceramics will crack (for example, after containing food or liquids, etc.). This is normal and cannot be avoided and is a natural consequence of the product's development.
The gallery does not provide "warranty" for the goods we sell, but works according to The Danish Sale of Goods Act and complies with your right to 2 years of complaint. The term "warranty" covers specific circumstances beyond The Danish Sale of Goods Act and an agreement between a seller and a buyer.
Complaint about damaged delivery items
It is important that you pay close attention to whether your delivery appears defective (for instance, there are visible bumps, holes, etc. on the package). If this is the case, you should ask for the package to be opened before you sign that you’ve received it. You are entitled to deny receipt both if the package looks damaged and if you are not allowed to open it while the driver is waiting and, of course, if you open the package and the product is found to be damaged.
It is the gallery’s responsibility to claim compensation for shipment to the courier we use. You will automatically receive the item again, a discount in the price (if you want to keep the item) or get your money back in case the purchase is canceled.
If you receive a package that subsequently appears to contain a damaged item, take pictures of the packaging and the contents and send it to us with as much information as possible. Then the same rules apply as described above.
We package all our shipment with great care and in accordance with current guidelines. It's not only bad for you to receive a damaged item, but also for us. We will always do everything for your experience to be good when shopping at our gallery, and of course also if the accident occurs.