News from Gallery Bearte

  1. New artist: Svetoslav Stoyanov

    New artist: Svetoslav Stoyanov

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    Svetoslav Stoyanov: Surrealist thoughts presented magically When we cross the boundary between magic and realism, a parallel world begins to arise. A world that may be realistically described on the surface, but where so much more can...
  2. New artist: Ilona Primus Ziarnowska

    New artist: Ilona Primus Ziarnowska

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    We are pleased to present our new artist Ilona Primus Ziarnowska in the gallery. Ilona is an amazing artist who works perfectly in the Fauvistic world with its expressive colors and bold brush strokes. It is expressive, catchy and exciting when...
  3. New artist: Niklas Gyllin

    New artist: Niklas Gyllin

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    It is with pleasure that BeArte welcomes our first Swedish artist in the gallery: Niklas Gyllin . Niklas works expressionist and with spontaneous realism and is a clear example of the artistic style that is deepened in Europe, Asia and the...
  4. Erotic Art

    Erotic Art

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    Considering the topic, you probably know very little and feel puzzled. And it is a normal thing to feel so, since Erotic art is a complex art and sometimes brings more questions than answers. The list can be huge! What is erotic art? Do all...