Glass & Ceramics Outdoors Usage

All glass and ceramics are fragile when exposed to unintentional conditions and it’s important to be aware of the following:

If glass or ceramic is suspended or set outdoors, it may get destroyed and damage other objects in its vicinity and, if broken, be dangerous to humans and animals. So be sure to place or hang your new item securely so that it does not risk breaking or causing damage to others. If you are in doubt about how to do that, you are always welcome to ask for advice and guidance.

Glass and ceramics are fragile to frost because water can penetrate the smallest cracks. If it happens, the water will expand as it freezes and the glass or ceramic will crack. If there are no cracks in the glass or ceramic, this will of course not happen. However, if you are in doubt, always remember to take it in before the frost comes. Then you also have something to look forward to when it gets warmer again.

I hope you will follow these recommendations. Feel free to ask for additional information anytime.

Kind regards,