Ilona Primus Ziarnowska

I finished the oldest Academy of Fine Arts in Poland. The oldest and the fantastic, the people who taught me were just wonderful. These were some of the best years in my life. The next 20 years I ran my own business, but missesd painting and designing. I have never abandoned painting, I furniched spaces, I painted too, but not enough. Finally, as a young (in my thirties, but certainly before my fifties) rising star, definitely younger than the sun, I decided to give back to the madness of painting. I want to give you this, what I am in love with. And please do not tell me, that you do not understand art. This is not rocket science. Images need to felt and loved like music. I invite you into my world – of sun, serenity, harmony and beauty.  Everyone can surround themselfs with what they want. I will delight you with my incredibly beautiful worlds. They are simple – for all of you.