Syliwa Caban

Syliwa Caban, born in 1969 in Lublin, Poland.
Syliwa deals with sculptures, traditional painting, mural, illustration and satirical drawing.
Between 1989-1994 she studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Faculty of Painting. In 1994 she received a Master's degree with honors after under the direction of prof. Raymond Ziemski. Syliwa deals with sculptures, wall painting, illustration, and satirical drawing. Syliwa received a scholarship from the Ministry of Culture and the Arts twice. In years 1996-1997 had an internship in painting at École Supérieure de Beaux Arts, Perpignan (France). In 2013 - Doctoral studies at the Institute of Fine Arts UJK in Kielce. She is a frequent participant in open-air painting exhibitions in Poland and abroad. Syliwa works with the weekly edition "Nowe Państwo" and "Gazeta Polska".

Syliwa Caban, uses various techniques, in her works, she comments the relations of the modern world. The medium which the artist currently uses is recycling facilities - spoiled, unnecessary toys that she has been collecting for many years. The multi-element surfaces enrich the sculptures with a new quality, giving them not only the aesthetic value but first of all the quality of memory and meanings.
In the works of Syliwa Caban, the interaction of psychological arts appears. She often refers to the poetics of rejection (series of paintings "Objects of anxiety"), thus situating thus, in a social discourse on the subject of values.

Syliwa has exhibited domestic and international since 1997.
Solo exhibitions since 2010:

2015: "Playground nr 2. Recycling objects", Gallery XX1. Kuchnia, Warsaw, Poland
2014: "Playground. Recycling object", Gallery Korekta, Warsaw, Poland
2014: "Duo", painting, Gallery of the European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium
2014: "Man as an excuse", painting, Gallery of the Polish Center Jan Paderewski in Brussels, Belgium
2013: Painting, Gallery Blok, Warsaw
2010: Painting, Korekta Gallery, Warsaw
Open-air exhibitions, presentations since 2010:

2016: Art Scholarship M.St. Of Warsaw for the implementation of the project "Inclusions - objects omitted"
2014: Meetings with art, open air in Kudowa Zdrój

Group exhibitions since 2010:

2014: Painting, Gallery in the European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium
2012: "Warsaw under construction", post-exhibition painting exhibition, Warsaw; "Warsaw under construction", 2nd post-exhibition painting exhibition, Korekta gallery, Warsaw; Drawing and painting, Korekta Gallery, Warsaw
2011: Correction Gallery, Warsaw