Jadwiga Hajduk

Jadwiga Hajduk was born in 1964 in Rzeszów, Poland.
In 1985, she began studying at the Department of Artistic Education, Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin. She obtained her diploma in 1990 in her studies by Professor Marian Stelmasik.
Jadwiga works with painting, drawing, graphics and applied art. Apart from traditional techniques (acrylic and oil), she also uses her own technology.
Her works have been featured at a wide range of exhibitions at home and abroad.
Exhibitions since 2010:
2014: Group Exhibition - Picture, Grafisk, Skulptur of 2014 - BWA Rzeszów
2014: Solo exhibition - Galeria Garbary 48- Poznań
2013: Solo exhibition - Vincent, Vienna
2012: Group Exhibition - Termopile 2012
2012: Group Exhibition - Picture, Graphics, Sculpture of the Year 2012 - BWA Rzeszów
2011: Solo exhibition - BWA Rzeszów
2011: Group Exhibition - Image, Graphics, Sculpture of the Year 2011-BWA Rzeszów
2010: Group Exhibition -Rzeszów-Satu Mare-, Satu Mare- Rzeszów - Romania, BWA Rzeszów
2010: Group Exhibition - SPAM and G - Teatr Maska - Rzeszów