Sebastian Skoczylas

Born in 1979 in Lublin. Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw. Today he lives and works in Warsaw.

Sensualism and Abstraction.

The most important element in Sebastian's paintings is the color. Composition, surface, and light he uses to get the most core out of the color. His technic creates tension on the borders of the different color areas. The same happens when he uses different textures, smooth and rough, shiny and matte. Such a contrast between opposites brings a unique spark in Sebastian's work. The influence of the landscape painting is noticeable in the composition and color palette of the author.

Sebastian always seeks new depths in the colors. He also plans to begin exploring the colors for ceramics, through the selection of glazes. He is interested in the chemical processes that lead to the formation of color. It is a kind of alchemy for him.

Individual exhibitions:
2004 / Diploma
2005 / Olympic Center, Warsaw
2012 / "High-pressure area" / Elektor Gallery - The Mazovia Institute of Culture, Warsaw
2014 / Prime Minister's Office, Warsaw
2015 / "Slow" / Mito, Warsaw 
work show / BWA "Awangarda", Wroclaw
2001 / Old Theater in Lublin / photography
1999 / Old Town Hall in Lublin / drawings
Group Exhibitions:
2016 / "Pankiewicz and after ... Releasing the color" / The Lublin Museum, Lublin
2016 / V International Picture Biennale - Quadro Art / Central Museum of Textiles, Lodz
2016 / Made in Glowno'2016 / Bank & DM gallery, Glowno
2004 / FranciszkaEibisch's Competition / National Museum in Warsaw
2003 / Painting exhibition of the Prof. Piotr Blazejewski studio / Wroclaw Philharmonic, Wroclaw
2001, 2002 / student's exhibitions / Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw
2000 / exhibition of the Grzegorz Zyndwalewicz studio / Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw.