Jacek Malinowski

Jacek Malinowski was born in 1969 in Bielsko-Biała, currently lives in Rumia. He graduated from the Julian Fałat State High School of Fine Arts in Bielsko-Biała.  Author of such projects as Christian Culture Week, CAT3W - Creative Activity Center of the Third Age and the "Magazyn Sztuki", an affiliate of the Ochota Community Center in Warsaw. There he teaches drawing and painting for adults. He is also a pedagogue and cultural animator. He also implements social, artistic and cultural projects as part of the FreeArt Creative Activity Support Association, of which he is the president.

The artist is focused on easel painting and drawing. "My paintings are a constant search for movement, a confrontation of dynamic spaces with statics of the fields. I try to discover the color kinetics." The subject of his landscapes has been treated as a search for a symbol. Malinowski is increasingly moving towards showing an abstract form that, despite synthetic references, still is sending an expressive, organic and emotional message.

The color is an absolute explosion of feelings for the artist. His paintings are extremely expressive in colors. A series of paintings dedicated to landscapes of Tuscany is considered being the most popular set of works of Malinowski. The paintings have saturated and often contrasting colors. Tuscany - has taken over the artist with its beauty and atmosphere of the hot Mediterranean south.


2012: 12 Young Art Auction - Desa Unicum Auction House - Warsaw

2012: Art Fresh Festival 3 - Sheraton Hotel – Warsaw
2012: V Young Art Auction "Second Step" - Auction House Rynek Sztuki - Łódź

2011: Collective Exhibition "Artists Struggled" - Gallery of the Garrison Club Garage DWP Warsaw.
2011: "Stock Exchange V" - Magazyn Sztuk - Warsaw

2011: Art Fresh Festival II - Sheraton Hotel - Warsaw

2011: "Stock Exchange VI" - Magazyn Sztuk - Warsaw

2011: Collective Exhibition "Konfronty" - Siedlce

2011: Collective Exhibition "Konfronty" - Olsztyn

2011: Exhibition "Locksmith in Maliny" - Magazine of Fine Arts - Warsaw

2011: Individual exhibition - Hilton Hotel - Budapest

2011: Collective exhibition "Contemporary Polish Erotica" - Erotica Museum - Warsaw

2011: Collective exhibition, Visual Arts Festival II - BWA - Bielsko-Biała

2011: Individual exhibition - House Of Painting - Czarnów Gallery

2011: "Stock Exchange VII" - Magazyn Sztuk - Warsaw

2010: Collective exhibition "Piece of Art I" - Blue City - Warsaw

2010: Collective exhibition "Piece of Art II" - Blue City - Warsaw

2010: Collective exhibition "BB-24H" - Castle Gallery - Bielsko - Biała

2010: Collective exhibition "Artists Struggled" - Galeria Miejska Klub Garrisonowy DWP Warsaw.

2010: "Stock Exchange IV" - Magazyn Sztuk - Warsaw

2010: Individual exhibition "In Międzyczas" - Gallery In the Vestibule - Warsaw

2010: Art Fresh Festival - Sheraton Hotel – Warsaw