Katarzyna Jurczenia

Katarzyna Jurczenia. A graduate of the Faculty of Architecture at WSEiZ. She holds a degree in interior design engineering from Prof. Andrzej Wyszyński. In 2005-2007 she studied the creation of space at the Studio of Art, where she received a degree in art specializing in the creation of space. In 2013-2015 she ran her own publishing house, where she published a monthly about interior design and interior design. Professionally she has been involved in graphic design for 10 years. She currently works as Art Director in Warsaw.
Katarzyna Jurczenia is an interior designer, graphic artist, web designer, visual artist and trainer in the field of computer programs. She proved her skills by working as a Web Graphic Designer at various advertising agencies. She is a creator of her own ILOBAHIE brand. Katarzyna is constantly interested in the sociology of urban space.
Art has always been part of her. She values the savings in form and the space for contemplation. She is an abstraction lover who hides more than anyone thinks. Her motto, which she tries to contend with, is: "The space full of impressions is space dependent on art.
2016: Exhibits as part of Museums' Night | GDEL, Warsaw
2014: Exhibition of posters "On the anger of Valentine's Day" | MiTo Art, Warsaw