Rafal Kuklewski

Rafał Kuklewski. He is an artist, architect, and designer. A graduate of the Faculty of Interior Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow. He obtained a diploma with distinction in 2000, Master of Art. After years dedicated to interior architecture, he returned to painting, which became an important element of his work.
In February 2017 Rafał had his personal vernissage in Krakow, it was an exhibition of paintings entitled "Power of Color", the event was graced by the Tomasz Chyła's concert.
The desire of today's man is peace and solace, escape from the momentum of life. "Power of color" is like the dream that is floating in the space that surrounds us. He expresses in his paintings the color that allows a full relaxation, tranquility, and peace. Rafał Kuklewski explains - "It's a color that makes us enjoy life, the color we fully taste."