Mariola Swigulska

Mariola Świgulska. Artist (painter), architect and interior designer. She graduated from the Faculty of Architecture at the Lodz University of Technology. During the studies, Mariola went to Vienna for a scholarship and perfected her painting workshop there. She paints both landscapes and abstract, surrealistic paintings. Mariola Świgulska also deals with drawing, and thanks to the design and architectural activities, she has the possibility of a wider presentation of her paintings.
She is an artist looking for unusual forms of presentation. “My favorite technique is oil on canvas in large formats, often exceeding 2m in length. I am always looking for unusual forms of presentation, I am interested in combining art with architecture, creating space in an unconventional way, searching for a place for paintings in modern interiors.”
The artist's paintings can be found in private collections in Europe: Norway, Germany, and Vienna, as well as in the United States.
Participant in numerous individual and collective exhibitions:
2015 - Galeria 63, Sopot, Poland;
2013 - TAB Gallery, Warsaw, Poland;
2004-2009/ 2012 - Galeria Ars Nova, Łódż, Poland;
1990 -1992 - Vienna;
1988 - Drei Generationen, Berlin, Germany;
1987 - Polen Zentrum, Berlin, Germany.