Magdalena Kepka

Magdalena Kępka

She loves to paint and work with the brush gives her the most precious satisfaction, independence, and freedom that she appreciates in particular. Magdalene loves to combine the art with her numerous hobbies, especially with travels, in the times she is "hunting" with the camera in her hands she can easily find the next motif for her canvas. In her paintings, she tries to capture the beauty of the surrounding world with its beauty and its imperfections. She works both with oil and acrylic, and the main theme of her work is the Polish landscape and the architecture of the warm south.

Magdalene is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław, Faculty of Painting.

Magdalena Kępka has participated in many national and international competitions and post-competition exhibitions. She often participates in national and international exhibitions and her works can be found in private collections in most European countries, as well as in the United States, Canada, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Mexico, also in the Spanish state institutions and funds. She speaks five foreign languages.

Gratuities and prizes:

2012: First prize in Painting Competition 'Moje miejsca' from the store
2010: First prize in the 4th Painting Competition "Luis Fernandez Vergara", Viladecans (Barcelona)
2010: Awarded in the 9th Mollerus Painting Contest
2010: Second place in the 1st National Competition of the Art Aquarium portal
2009: First prize in the III Painting Competition "Luis Fernandez Vergara", Viladecans (Barcelona)
2009: First prize in 5th Corrales de Buelna Painting Competition (Cantabria)
2009: First prize in 14th Castellar de la Frontera Painting Competition (Andalusia)
2009: First prize in the First Painting Competition of the Friends of the Pszczół Foundation, Guadalajara
2009: Second Prize in the 4th Painting Competition "Rincones de Albox", Albox (Almeria)
2009: Third Prize in XIV International Painting Competition Cerezo de Abajo (Segovia)
2009: Fourth Place In 1st Painting Competition "Tamarite and around"
2009: Prize In The XVIII Binefar Painting Contest
2009: Sets award in XXII San Rocque Painting Contest
2009: Remarkably noted in the 9th "Pinna Mijas" Painting Competition
2008: First prize in the Painting Competition "Rincones Santiago del Teide", Tenerife