Anna Gozdecka-Masiul

Anna Masiul-Gozdecka

"My art is a celebration of beauty and power of imagination. About the creation of new, parallel worlds, whether it is abstract or realistic. I get my inspiration from most beautiful things in the outside world - music, dance, the richness of tropical plants. This beauty is what I want to share with people".

Anna Masiul-Gozdecka graduated from Warsaw Academy of Arts in the year 2000. Then, for several years she stopped painting. After that period she started to paint again, it was a new start for her. She is painting realistic and abstract pictures using the technique of acrylic paints and collages. Her works are in collections around the world: Poland, United Kingdom, Canada  Australia, Taiwan, Luxemburg, Switzerland, Denmark.
2005: took part in the project "Art for Chelmek"
2006: took part in biennale "Gardens" Zamek Książ
2007: Galeria Sart "Ctrl + z"
2007: a solo exhibition of painting w Folwarku Sztuki
2007: a collection of 20 abstract paintings for Metro Desing Consultants. The collection is present in the building of Ujima Housing Group in London.
2008: a solo exhibition in the Galerie Katarzyny Napiórkowskiej, Warszawa
2008: exhibition, Grupa Piaseczno, Biblioteka Publiczna in Aninie
2008: exhibition, Gallery, Real Circulo Artistico,  Barcelona
2009: exhibition - International competition "Akt" (Nude) Galeria Marquardt, Łódź
2009: exhibition "Lustro przemiany" Galearnia, Warszawa
2009: solo exhibition "Painting" Kostrzyńskie Centrum Kultury, Kostrzyn nad Odrą
2009: solo exhibition of paintings and collages "Garden - the place of power",  OB PAN w Powsinie
2010: solo exhibition, Galearnia  Warsaw, "Łowcy chwil" (the Hunters of Moments)
2011: solo exhibition, Galearnia, PAiZ w Warszawie, "Łowcy chwil"
2011: solo exhibition, galeria Biały Kamień Contemporary, "Muzyka czasu niespiesznego"(Slow Time Music), Domoteka
2011: solo exhibition, Galeria Katarzyny Napiórkowskiej, ul Puławska 17, Warszawa
2011: exhibition, Galeria "Polish gardens, Japanese gardens", Dworek Białoprądnicki, Kraków
2012: "Paintings" solo exhibition, MCKiS, Galeria Elektor, Warszawa
2013: solo exhibition, "W innym pokoju" Galeria Ether, Warszawa
2016: solo exhibition “Biegnij” Galeria Uległa, Warszawa