Jolanta Haluch

Jolanta Haluch. Candidate from the Architecture Department at the University of Technology in Krakow. She lives and works in Krakow. She is an architect, interior designer of residential and private interiors and painter, known for using the technique of coal, ink and dry pastel. Jolanta is also an author of several books.

Jolanta Haluch's intimate sphere of creativity is found in her painting. Through her paintings she reaches "deep into" feelings, it is a way to touch what is not obvious. She expresses this as "...A transformation of experience into something that drives us to move on."

Jolanta's active design, painting, and executive activities were in 2001-2010’s, at that time, a number of projects and implementations for private orders were created. She has designed interior for 12 restaurants in Krakow and beyond, also the projects related to the building of the Jagiellonian University. The same period coincides with her realization in the field of artistic metalwork, the creation of sacral objects.

Jolanta was closely connected with Denmark in 80's - participation in the Student of Architecture Assembly in Aarhus, several journeys to and stays in Copenhagen, street art activities and exhibitions of her works in different places around the Copenhagen area.

She has participated in numerous of street art exhibitions in Europe - Spain, France. Jolanta cooperates with Krakow galleries and participates in various painting auctions. Her creative activities have been summarized in the author's exhibition at the Gallery in Krakow in 2011.


1985 - Congress of Students of Architecture, Lisbon
1982-86 - Painting plenaries, Faculty of Architecture at the Krakow University of Technology, Krakow