Malwina Cieslik

Born in 2nd of September, 1975, in city Radomsko in Poland.
In 1997 she completed architectural design at TZN in Czestochowa.
In the years 1997-2001 she studied at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Technical Scientific Facilities in Częstochowa.
In 2001 she got a diploma in Artistic Graphics - Lithography under the leadership of Professor. K. Szwajkowska.

Her artistic work deals with lithography, linocut, drawing, painting, and sculptures.
Architectural and graphics education largely shaped her view of art. In Malwina's paintings, she constantly searches for various methods of expression. She is inspired by travels, people, conversations with painters, architects, creators, craftsmen, good music, coffee, wind, and water.

Malwina has participated in several group events and her works of art can be found in private collections in her home country and in many places abroad.

More important awards and exhibitions

  • Individual exhibition at MBP in Radomsko 2017.

  • Group exhibition "Woman's hand" MDK in Radomsko 2018.

  • Group ARTRA exhibition at the Regional Museum in Radomsko 2018

  • Collective exhibition "100 paintings for the 100th anniversary of Polish independence"

  • Artus Court in Toruń, 2018

  • Collective exhibition of PKO BP in Radomsko in 2002.

  • Collective exhibition at BWA in Częstochowa, 2001.

  • Commendation in the competition “Painting-Sculpture MDK” in Radomsko