Jakub Szymanski

Jakub Szymański (born in 1970, Słupsk)

He lives and works in Gdansk. In 1995 he graduated from the Faculty of Engineering at Gdansk University. Since that time he has been painting and drawing and has been professionally involved in various design tasks and projects. In the years 1993-95 he studied at painter Piotr Sosiński in Gdańsk, and during his studies at the technical faculty, he received a concurrent tuition with Prof. Janusz Osicki and Krzysztof Wróblewski. 

Jakub is inspired by iconography, symbolic painting, and traveling. He exhibited his first works at Nowy Brama Gallery in Słupsk. In painting, he is primarily interested in composition, color, and contrast. He often uses floral and animalistic motifs, which he deforms and simplifies into geometric shapes.