Marcin Mikolajczak

Marcin Mikołajczak - He was born in 1975 in Poland. He has been painting all his life but his professional career went faster after he finished his studies at the Academy of Visual Arts in Poznań where he perfected his skills. He has been always fascinated with the beauty and truly has been seeking to find the ways to see it in everything in the world around us. Marcin finds his inspiration in the movement, play of the light and shadow, and in the human's body and soul. In his works, he tries to convey the emotions that overflow him during the process of the creation.

Marcin’s work is characterized by a strong and clear texture that makes it look expressive. He looks for the inspiration in everyday life, in beautifully feminine bodies, and he travels with a camera around the world. The latter artworks of his are an infinite variety of forms and colors related to the culture and nature of close and distant lands.