Andrzej Wronski

Andrzej Wronski, born in Chrzanow in 1942. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw in 1968.

He produces paintings, artistic and functional graphics.

His works have been exhibited at many individual and collective exhibitions and vernissages. Andrzej works have been presented in Poland, Sweden, USA, Japan, Denmark, Germany, and Belgium.

He was a guest of the monthly Fantastyka and Nowa Fantastyka from 1987-90. His paintings were also presented in the form of postcards and folders. He also made book covers.

Andrzej Wronski has a wife Jolanta and daughter Sylwia. He is an active man, in addition to painting, where he is fascinated with diving and other water sports such as canyoning.

Major individual paintings exhibitions:

1985 - Vena Gallery, Warsaw
1982 - SCT Gallery. Gertrud, Copenhagen, Denmark
1980 - Mathilde Gallery, Herrning, Denmark
1979 - Home Art Gallery, New York, USA
1977 - Gallery Grote, Brechem, Belgium
1976 - Galsbruck Gallery, Switzerland
1975 - Art Studio Lines, Vienna, Austria
1972 - Contemporary Gallery, Warsaw