Dariusz Grajek

Born in Poznan. Studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan. Diploma in painting with prof. Andrzej Leśnik. He practices painting and drawing.

For Dariusz, the painting is his form of expression. As he himself says: "When I paint, I go to war. I'll take the gun with me. I try not to take "prisoners" just clear my field and try to get my mission done. This is something I define in different ways: Once with strong colors another time with the simple and stringent use of the colors. By joining the white subculture, I never know how and when this adventure will end. Painting is an unknown path for me, never-ending path."
Selected exhibitions:

K & T Gallery 1990-1996
Gallery FS 1995 -2002
Gallery Gida 1998-2001
Gallery W Art 2002
Galeria Pod Makiem 2005-2008
Galeria Pankiewicz 2008
Globis Gallery 2008
Salon Posnania 2007
Salon Posnania 2008
Gallery of DNA 2014,2015,2016
ArtinHouse 2015
Stalowa Gallery 2015
Pragaleria 2016
Decostyle / Denmark / 2015
Xanadu Gallery and Auction House 2016