Monika Dalek

Monika was born in 1981. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź. She defended her diploma in 2008 at the Department of Visual Education in the Studio of Painting and Drawing prof. W. Stelmaszczyk, made an appendix to the diploma - an artistic book in the Graphic Design Studio by W. Morawski.

She works in various fields of visual arts, in particular, the painting has her focus, and where the objects of hers create objects or where figures melt together in the "situation theater". She believes in the constant variability of art, where her view of the progress in the subject is achieved by using different conventional techniques.  

Selected exhibitions:

2015: "Second Independent Living Lodz Young Artists", Museum of Textiles in Lodz;
2014: "Inspiration film", Museum of Photography in Lodz;
2011: "Notes" Gallery "View" in Lodz;
2009: "Action of the Objects", Museum of Art in Lodz 2.