Svetoslav Stoyanov

Svetoslav Stoyanov, born in Gabrovo, Bulgaria, today living in London, UK.

Under the influence of my uncle, who was an artist, I started painting from an early age. Initially, my art was inspired by nature and the warmth of the old Bulgarian houses. Later, as any young man, I felt rebellious and developed a passion for rock music and surrealism. I started painting professionally in 1992 and for the next 15 years was dividing my time between playing keyboards in a rock band and painting. I was exhibiting my art in a number of galleries in Bulgaria and most of my works are now part of private collections in various countries.

In 2007, I moved to London and currently live in the South West part of the city. I started painting again using my flat as a studio. My preferred media is oil on canvas and my style surrealism and magic realism. With my art, I am trying to bring out the beauty and delicacy of the world around us, and the magnificence of the human mind. I paint realistic features in an imaginary context. To me, there shouldn't be any rules and restrictions in art, but only freedom of thought...


The International Confederation of Art Critics about art of Svetoslav Stoyanov


We are pleased to announce that Svetoslav Stoyanov received a great review from the ICAC. You can read the critic here.

Selected exhibitions:

2014: Kensington Close Hotel - London
2013: Exhibition at Art Gallery - Tetbury(UK)
2012: ''Parallax:The international artist fair'' in Chelsea (London)
2012: Exhibition at Art Gallery - Tetbury(UK)