A nice prank from Banksy

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A nice prank from Banksy

Does the art world contain self irony or do everyone just try to smile and laugh at the right times, not to seem too pompous? Probably a little of both fits from person to person. I remember E.H. Gombrich's recommendation in his well-written book about the world of art, that after reading the book, the reader should be careful not to believe he now knows everything about art and from this, like many others, believing that to be correctly dressed in the art world, the 'real' words that nobody understands or knows, should be used in every sentence. Genially written as introduction. Remember now what the art is.

Banksy's latest prank, shredding his artwork 'Girl with a Balloon' immediately after sold at Sotheby's in London, once again made the establishment open eyes and smile in almost admiration. It's a bit like when the fine ladies visit the butcher and his shabby remarks give redness to their cheeks. Similarly, in the art world, Banksy can get away with it all and manifests his brand the coarser the joke is. Let me remember writing that I love Banksy's way of dealing with the art world and all i love all his pranks. There is a huge need for humor in all kind of business, and not least the artistic where I often find a huge gap between the artists and the buyers. A gap similar to Darwin's missing link. It's two complete different worlds and when the artists rarely has the chance to exhibit the buyers, which group I'm a part of, it seems so nicely liberating.

A big thank you to Banksy for a nice prank. The Art industry needs it.

/ Thomas

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  • Alex

    That was really unexpected! I am curious to know the future of the artwork, is it going to be more expensive because now we have 10 \'Girl with a Balloon\' in pieces so to say, or maybe it will lose the significance.


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